Three caps


    • PhD in Sports Sciences
    • Sport and Physical Education Professor (2nd degree, “Agregation”), Sports Sciences Department, Rennes University
    • Tennis Teacher in Rennes University
    • Tennis players consultant

Tennis Coach

    • Tennis Coach (Clubs, University of Rennes, Regional Tennis League)
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach (University of Lille Certificate)
    • Oral presentation in High Level Tennis Coach Course, French Tennis Federation
    • Oral presentation in Tennis Coach Course (2nd degree), France


      • Best French Ranking: -15 (ITN 1)
      • Best Junior French Ranking: n°7
      • ITF female professional tour experience
      • French female “Grands Tournois” tour experience
      • 12 seasons Female French Tennis Team Championships (N4, N3, N2, N1B, N1A, First division)

My work

With years’ experience as a tennis player and coach, I work as a researcher to identify biomechanical factors responsible for injury risks, performance improvement and efficiency of the tennis serve to provide scientific knowledges related to injury prevention and performance optimization for tennis players, coaches and medical staff. In the short term, serve performance of tennis players can be defined as the ability to produce high ball velocity that seems to be the key element of successful play, because it puts the opponent under stress and may hinder its return. But, in the long term, players must be able to reproduce that high ball velocity performance during a match, a tournament, a season and a career without getting injured. Consequently, my goal is to answer the following question: how being more efficient by increasing serve’s ball velocity and limiting risks of overuse injuries ? My work implies that using proper mechanics during the tennis serve can enhance serve performance and possibly decrease injury risks.


  • 3D motion capture or 2D video for biomechanical analysis
  • Matlab Software for computing biomechanical parameter
  • Wireless EMG for muscular activation analysis
  • Forceplate for ground reaction forces measurement
  • Goniometer for joint ranges of motion measurement

3D Motion capture or 2D Video

Wireless EMG System